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Python HTR

Generation III


Our Python HTR is a medium sized platform designed to climb stairs and over difficult terrain, but is still light enough to be deployed by one person. It has been designed and engineered to offer the latest technologies available to meet the demanding needs of the hazmat / CBRN, tactical and reconnaissance markets, which is where it’s HTR name was derived from.

It offers the latest in operator control software called our Digital Command and Communications Suite (DCCS), which is both innovative and easy to use. The DCCS incorporates an intuitive user interface that utilizes touch gestures common in many of today’s multi-media devices, in order to control the robot, adjust cameras, modify settings, change views and more.

The software also incorporates secure, digital communication protocol that transmits crystal clear, non-rolling, static free video, all the way up to your range limit. In addition, it provides extended communication range between the Operator Control Unit (OCU) and the robot that is over ½ mile, and allows for the quick attachment of an array of sensors for CBRN and hazmat applications.

The heart of this new system is SSI’s revolutionary Robotics Relay System for Communication in Urban Environments (RRSCUE). In simple terms, this specialized software incorporates advanced “mesh” networking capabilities that enable the operator to be in control of multiple robots or relay surveillance cameras at the same time using one operator control unit (OCU). More importantly, it enables the operator to control a robot further downrange by relaying the signal through another robot(s) on the network that may provide a better communication signal, than through the OCU directly.

This enables the operator to relay and redirect the signal around houses, buildings, or other obstacles, in order to continue missions where other robot communication systems fail. Even more importantly, the operator can drive multiple unmanned robot systems into place remotely, creating a series of mobile signal transmission points that can be repositioned as necessary, in order to maintain optimal signal strength with your robot. This may include when you need to reposition your robot in response to barriers to signal strength, or adjust to changing circumstances, or other demands downrange.

We also incorporate the use of modular components into the design of our new system, which enables the operator to field swap out / configure all accessories, cameras, and OEM monitors. Even our Master Control Unit (MCU) or “robot brain”, which houses all critical electronic systems for the robot, can be swapped out in the field if necessary – without the need for any tools.

  • mesh

    Robotics Relay System for Communication in Urban Environments (RRSCUE)
    The operator is able to relay a signal from one robot to another, in order to maintain communication and video surveillance in difficult urban environments

  • radio

    Secure Data Transmission
    Crystal clear, non-rolling and secure digital communication for all data

  • Tank

    Tank Inspired Design
    Tank style track climbs stairways and over most anything else, and offers a nimble zero turn radius

  • Weight

    Powerful and efficient gear head motors provide ample strength to climb up steep grades, and carry an array of accessories

  • Weather

    All Weather Design
    Sealed components and military grade connections allow for deployment in adverse weather conditions

  • Lense

    PTZ Camera
    High resolution, color PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) dome camera with 360 degree continuous movement

  • LED

    IR LED
    4 Infra-red LED’s provide 360 degree IR illumination of the area surrounding the robot for low, or no light operation

  • Battery

    Long Runtime
    The latest battery technologies available are used to power the Python HTR

  • Tablet

    Tablet OCU
    Lightweight and powerful, our touch screen tablet PC meets tough mil spec requirements while using innovative multi-touch technology. It also offers a large 12” daylight viewable screen

  • Touch

    Touch Screen
    Multi-touch and gesture user interface that is intuitive and easy to use

  • DVR

    Record all audio and video received from the robot and easily retrieve it from the OCU at a tap of a button

  • Stream

    Streaming Video
    Stream surveillance video from the robot to multi-media devices including cell phones and command centers

  • DomeDrop

    Relay Camera Station
    Relays the signal from one robot to another, as well as video surveillance from the integrated camera back to the operator

  • Gas

    Hazmat Expansion Kits
    Quickly affix most all types of OEM handheld monitors available on the market today to the fly roof of our robot

  • Thermal

    Thermal Camera
    FLIR thermal camera tracks heat signature, and enables the operator to see clearly in total darkness, as well as through smoke

  • Headset

    2-Way Audio
    An all weather speaker and microphone makes for reliable communication between the OCU and the robot, even in harsh environments

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